Sangre en Yermo

Our Adventure thus far!
Recap of the first couple of games

1. Returning from Daggett, there is a blackout and the gang (S,G and K) are pulled over for speeding by a California Highway Patrol officer named Hardy. The gang shoots and kills his ethereal projection and then S stabs the real him in his car. He flees and is shot in the ankle by G, collapses and is treated before being taken hostage at Shep’s trailer.

2. After a brief interrogation, where Hardy reveals he was to meet with the guy at a gas station near town,

3. The group heads to the Gas Station where they find strangeness, combat a giant spider and meet Hannibal the b-movie level actor dressed as a mobster. Many “Is he a wizards?” are exchanged, and they are forced to combat the spider thanks to a spell locking them in the building lest they be burned by the sun.

4. After a spider curb stomp, they attempt to hunt down who Officer Hardy is after Hannibal kidnaps him.

5. The group commits a daring midnight robbery of a Radio Shack at a shopping center, including holding all three security guards hostage, stealing multiple computers and trying to hack their way places. They escape unhindered and with new toys.

6. They track down the officer’s apartment, scrounging information before meeting Mr. Sun and Mr. Summer, two hitmen who do not immediately know the gang is . A Mexican standoff ends with shots being fired both ways and the gang is who they are to kill. The gang gets away thanks in part to the wonder of S hammering one assassin from motorcycle.

7. They kind of figure out how to use some stolen magic rings from the apartment before re-investigating the gas station to find a note from Hannibal telling them to met them at Calico Ghost Town.

8. The meeting ends in a shootout, with K wasting Hannibal in a spooky vampire fight, Cory the meth thrall ending Mr. Summers with a shotgun to the chest, and S LIKE A RAINBOWing Mr. Sun. K’s truck is sadly killed in the altercation.

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